Today, when a person tries to choose a career, most of the others advice “Follow your passion”.

You may already know that this has become a trend in this era, where people have started to excel skills that will carry them to follow their passion. But let me ask you a question.

Will it help all the people all the time?

Oh, you may feel that I am going to come up with a conspiracy theory for “Follow your passion”. No never. That’s great. As we all chase the mental health and inner peace at the end of the day, following the passion will throw hay to ignite the inner peace.

But I am asking, will all the passions make you a considerable income? Will all of them become scalable?

Will take in this way. 

You have a friend called James. He is really passionate about software engineering. He studies hard to be a software engineer. He tends to master whatever he gets to know about software engineering.

After tons of continuous learning he becomes a software engineer. He can access to millions and millions of projects because people need software every day and every business need and tend to make software. This is a technological era. So James has a demand.

Let say, you have another friend called Mathews. He has a passion for being a traditional farmer. He learns from his father and works really hard to increase his harvest. He refuses to use technology as it confuses him and it drags him out of “traditional” title. 

By following his passion he becomes a traditional farmer but doesn’t have a considerable income. Because he can’t compete with the latest technology through which other farmers get a higher harvest from the lowest cost.

Hereby you can compare both the scenarios. In both cases they worked so hard and they kept committed and honest for what they are doing. But James outscored Mathews after following his passion. 

Why is that? That’s where most people go wrong.

In order to convert a passion into a money-making stream, you can consider these facts.

  1. Think about whether your passion has a demand in the market. 

Always the demand in the market causes the corresponding supply that you are going to give. If there’s no demand, your supply will be worthless. here you should bee so wise and unbiased. You have to think whether this market has or will have a considerable demand or whether I am deluding myself.

  1. Consider your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

Just think that you have a passion to go to the army, but you are shorter than the height limit of the request. So, you have to hold your passion as you can do nothing with it. there’s no demand. You have to accept what you are and find out the skill, talents that you have and master them to become an expert on them.

  1. Do reverse engineering.

Think about the life that you want to live in the future. How would it be? What things do you want in life? Be really subtle in the imagination. Then start to think backward from that time to the present. It will be easy then to plan out the career and get a decision what should I do? Can I really achieve the life I want through following my passion? If not develop a passion for something that would take you to the life that you want. That’s much more exhilarating overall than just following the passion without any goal as for a whim.

I suppose now you can easily arrange your life by deciding whether you should follow your passion or you should develop a passion for something that would take you to the life that you are dreaming of.

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