What did Buddha teach? Find out what buddha taught us about Happiness through this article. Simply explained for your better understanding
The aforementioned Buddhist preaching summarizes the core idea of Buddhism. When someone starts to analyze forward along with this preaching, he starts the journey of understanding Buddhism.

what did buddha teach

So what does that preaching say?

Until the consequences/reasons for the existence of a subject prevails, the subject continues to exist. When the consequences/reasons for the existence of a subject don’t prevail, the subject stops continue to exist.

If I make it more and more simple, I can tell it to you in this way.

Let’s take a book. How do we identify it as a book? What are the features we see through it and expect to see-through?

  • It has pages
  • It has a cover
  • The pages and the cover are bound
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Then what if someone takes that book, and separate the cover, pages and gives it to you? Will you still call it a book? Never. Because what you see are just separate pages and a cover. Why is that? It is because the pages and the cover are not bound to each other. If I say it in another way, the reasons which are needed for the existence of the subject (book) don’t prevail. Thus the subject (book) stops continue to exist furthermore.

How does this logic or thinking lead to minimalist life?

It’s simple. This thinking leads to perceive reality and what did Buddha teach was everything in the world is temporary.

what did buddha teach; hypntherapy; hypnotherapy; healing service;

Let me explain this to you in this way.

How much you get bound for something (which is temporary indeed) decides the sorrow you feel with the loss of it. Think, you buy a Lambo to travel. It is luxury, good looking, people look at you, you get the attention. So, you start to get bound more and more for this. With time the bond starts to grow wildly. You start to protect your Lambo to protect your prestige. 

But, as time passes the reality works on. The Lambo starts to depreciate. (That is common for anything in the world. For our lives as well) With time, your Lambo starts to show faults, and you get depressed. You start to think “I spent so much money on this. What will happen to my prestige? I will lose my attention”. Now instead of prestige, depression, and sorrow start to grow. 

If you dive into the core idea of Buddhism and understand that, you will realize that nothing is permanent. So you would never keep that much of a bond in anything and you will start to think that a Lambo is not essential for transportation. Instead, you get satisfied with a mean car. 

In the same way, you would not spend much on luxury clothes, food, houses, furniture. Instead, you will start to see that, mean items will satisfy your needs and refrain you from being depressed after the loss of your valuables.

Now you may wonder, why would I maintain a minimalist life?

Before I get into the “why minimalistic life?”, I will keep a note on “what will be life if it is not minimalistic?”

When you are not minimalistic, you tend to gather lots of valuables, so you gather lots of bonds. When you lose them, you get sad and mad.

When you are not minimalistic, you have many things to focus on and to maintain. So you lose focus on your main goals.

A lot of people get mad when they lose their positions, fame, property because they are not minimalistic. Throughout their life, they live with the fear of losing their belongings.

But when you practice a minimalist life, you won’t meet any of the aforementioned defects in life.

  1. You can focus.
  2. You can be free.
  3. You can live happily.

That’s what did Buddha teach as the basement for the “Nirvana”.

What did Buddha teach to gain a minimalist life?

Like any other action,through continuous action. When you continuously meditate and realize the connection between the magnitude of bond and the magnitude of sorrow, your emotions get controlled gradually. 

Meditation is not any kind of magic. It is simple, focusing on the emotions and seeing the emotions in the original nature. When you start to see the emotions in the original nature, you start to understand when you get attached to so many things, you get vulnerable. Because nothing in the world is going to exist forever. So you start to maintain a minimalist life. That’s the point where you start to live happily, as you feel already satisfied with what you have.

If you really want to be happy, focus on your goals, and feel the meaning of life, try to understand the core idea of Buddhism. Once you understand the real meaning of life, you would never be sad over anything.

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