When you randomly meet a collegemate at the club and saying “I have my own business” after he asked about your current job is cool. isn’t it? Yes. read out the article to the very ending before starting your own business

Most of the people try to get a job and they find a job.

Most of the people do a job and still cry lacking money.

Why is that? I can articulate it in 2 main ways.

1) They are not paid well.

2) They are careless in spending.

Today I am not going to talk about the spending part. Today I am going to talk about the 1st point. Getting a higher income.

Before going to talk about getting an extra amount of money, I would like to talk about how most people get, what they get.

  • Early in the morning, they get up.
  • Do the morning routine.
  • Get the bus.
  • Go to work.
  • Work from 9 – 5.
  • Come back home.
  • Watch TV and chill.
  • Sleep

And at the end of the month, they cry for lack of money. 

By looking into the normal routine that I mentioned before, which slice of time a man/woman can afford to gain more?

1) Decrease the sleeping time.

2) Cut the TV and chill time.

Now you may get a question about what kind of work I can do from home after work, to gain a job. I can’t lose my job at all.

No. You don’t want to lose your job. That’s where a side hustle comes into the game. You have to work from home at your own convenience after work.

What can you do as a side hustle? How would you get to say “I have my own business”

There are several options that you can choose as a side hustle. Now let’s get into those options one by one.

1) Affiliate marketing.

Here you are acting as a middleman to promote a product on behalf of the seller, make the potential buyers buy the product, and get a commission out of it.

This is really advantageous as you don’t have to produce, own, or store any kind of product to earn an income. You are just a MIDDLEMAN. You can visit sites like Click bank, Warrior Plus to sign in for the products to an affiliate.

2) Dropshipping.

Dropshipping is a retail fulfillment method. The dropshipping store acts as a middleman that connects the seller to the buyer. If I say it more simply, it’s like this.

Just imagine that you are doing dropshipping. You sell a specific type of toothpaste in your online store which is manufactured by someone else (who you don’t know in most of the cases). You price the product at $12 including the shipping, which is $3 in the manufacturer’s store. 

After you make a sale through your store, you direct the customer details to the manufacturer and they will take care of product-related activities such as packaging and shipping. you don’t have to bother about storing, packing, shipping at all. And yet you get a net amount about $9 – $6 after cutting down shipping and taxes.

3) Binary options.

A binary option is an investment method where the buyer earns a percentage of investment as a profit or loses the investment based on the expiry value of the option.

These are almost short term investments Most of the time these investments extend not more than a day. If the investment goes profitable, you will receive a payment which is a percentage of your investment (about 90%). But if you lose, you will lose the investment.

This is highly risky as this rewards in an outstanding way.

4) Freelancing

Freelancing through online sites like Fiverr has become so famous in this decade. People tend to hire freelancing people because of the lower charges and a wide range of choices.

It is a great opportunity for you to provide a freelancing service on a subject you are specialized in (such as graphic designing, music, video creation, etc.)

5) Online tutoring

You can host an online class through Skype, Zoom, and do live classes to earn a sided income. Or else you can make (a record) an online course and sell through sites like masterclass, Udemy to earn and income.

The second option is highly scalable because your labor is not involved actively after you record the course.

6) Selling E-books

You can write ebooks and sell them online. This is a great method to earn an income by providing value for the user. You can write a book on a subject field in which you have expertise in an interesting way, and attract buyers through paid advertisements. (or you can sell other books for a commission).

These are some of the convenient side hustles you can try at home after work. Striving after work may be a stress to you. So I recommend you to select a field in which you are really passionate and have expertise. So, you wouldn’t feel any stress after working on that.

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