Searching for a Solution to over-come demotivation? Do you feel like you are demotivated always?
Have you ever thought of the reasons behind this? Tired of listening to People’s typical philosophical advice like “ get away from the things demotivate you and let go of people who distract you. Don’t overthink etc?”. But to be honest, this philosophical advice are not effective. Everyone feels demotivated at times in their life. You are not the first and only one to be in this stage. Even I have felt demotivated and depressed at certain points in my life.

demotivation; demotivated; non-dominant hand;

This is one of the most effective and fastest psychological techniques to overcome your temporary mental condition. This is called the non-dominant hand technique. If you want an easy solution to fight anxiety or depression this technique is for you.

I’ll explain this technique through a short story because stories make the learning process easier. 

Once upon a time, there was a very talented and famous poet. This poet’s dominant hand was the right hand. He started falling in love with the princess of his kingdom. He started to write a poem to this princess every day. This love story’s ending was also the same as most of the love stories we see. This beautiful princess married a king from another kingdom. After going through all these events, he wanted to take revenge from the princess and destroy everything. But he ended fracturing his right hand. 

Then suddenly suicidal thoughts came into his mind. But before committing suicide, he wanted to write a final letter to the princess saying that she is the cause of his death. Since he can’t use his dominant hand to write, he started to write the letter from his left hand. Yes. That’s his non-dominant hand. As soon as he finished the writing, he realized that he neither wants to suicide anymore nor have this thought in his mind. He was completely focused on what’s happening around him. He regained control of his mind

Demotivation: demotivated; lack of motivation;

What’s the science behind this?

When you use your dominant hand, you don’t need to put a lot of your focus on the task you are doing. To be precious, it happens habitually. While your unconscious mind does this work for you. Your conscious mind is vacant to focus on another thing. Have you ever noticed that while you were writing what the teacher reads out and you started to think about your crush, food, or something you were interested in recently. And at the end, you completely have no idea about what you wrote how did this happen. Because you were lost in some other thoughts. 

What truly happens here is when you use your non-dominant hand, you have to put lots of effort. You have to completely focus on the particular task you are doing at the moment. Since it’s completely a new task for the brain, it doesn’t happen habitually. Your conscious mind also be busy with what you are doing. For this, it ceases all other thoughts including your thoughts of depression to get things done preciously. Finally, you gain full control of your mind. 

Now you can experiment with this technique with yourself to prove whether you can get the desired results whenever you feel like having negative thoughts in your mind. Simply take out a piece of paper and your pen. Write it all out on the paper using your non-dominant hand.

This technique never failed to help me and I strongly recommend you to try it out. I believe it will give a quick relief to you too. 

And don’t forget to hydrate yourself regularly even when you are going through a rough day.   

So, that’s all from me about this technique. I hope it will work with you. Don’t fail to share your experience below with us.

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