When you go to Youtube, Instagram, Facebook or whatever social media, you hear entrepreneurship is the best.

When you go to society and look around the world, you see skyscrapers. Inside them you see entrepreneurship

When you watch an interview or a movie, you see how profound the entrepreneurship is.

And at last you think it is the best and doing a job is trash.

Is it true? Let me explain it to you.

Entrepreneurship is the process of managing the existing resources and leading them to find solutions for the existing human problems. Simply, entrepreneurs are the head starters of solving human problems. They initiate a solution for a problem and they gain a profit by selling that solution for the public.

Why do most people like entrepreneurship?


  • It is prestigious.
  • Entrepreneurs can earn a high income.
  • Entrepreneurs create wealth.
  • They aren’t controlled.
  • They do what they love. (They enjoy their time)

Then most of the people try to start their own business, to have a lot of money. To travel with Lambos. To go on vacation. To embrace freedom. To get honored.

And they fail


Most people don’t see the sacrifices laid behind entrepreneurship, the stress behind entrepreneurship. They don’t see how much they failed, they got rejected in their advent. What people see is just the victory. they come to think that they would too become such personalities so easily.


If you want to become an entrepreneur, practice to fail, practice to stand up every time you fail, practice to get rejected, practice to keep going without giving up, practice to commit 100% for your goals, practice to bear risks. If you can’t… you can’t be a successful entrepreneur.

Now I am going to talk about jobs, or 9-5 as most of your name.

Are they bad?

Yes, there are some drawbacks. You get controlled, you get a fixed salary, it is hard to scale for larger amounts, you don’t have independence, but I still question from you, are they bad?

I will ask this question from you meanwhile answering the previous question through it.

Who strived with those entrepreneurs to gain their success and to make those skyscrapers? Employees. So how can anyone put down a job (or 9-5)?

It is not bad until you do what you love. If you are an accountant and you love making final accounts, calculating taxes, analyzing the investments, that’s great. Congrats, you do what you love. Isn’t that what we all need? Inner peace?

Most of the people have forgotten what they have been seeking throughout their lifetime. Inner peace. But they start to chase money and prestige when they feel the taste of them and feel greedy. They lose themselves by chasing money and prestige.

Money is not the success. It is just one measurement of success. What would money mean without inner peace, happiness?

Always try to chase your inner peace. Do the best thing which would bring you inner peace. Not money. Even entrepreneurs don’t chase money. What they try to do is solve problems. That is their intention. They love to see people live happily after getting their solution. For that, they charge a fee. That’s their profit. That’s why entrepreneurs don’t give up when they fail. Because they intend to solve problems. Not to pile up money. They find their inner peace after solving a problem.

If you find the same inner peace, from your job, that’s all for you. don’t think down and out. You are successful. Just think “Can I smile humbly when I am retiring on the bed at night after working for the whole day at my job?” If the answer is “Yes”, you are great. If it is “No”, find a way to do what you love (and can make a living for you legally).

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