SS for children

We as parents feel great responsibility of our kids, it is said ‘once a parent is always a parent’, we cry, laugh and feel the misery for our kids and of our kids throughout we live. Also there is lot of our own karma that we live through them therefore experiencing different blockages in our lives through them.

Any problem related to kids weather physical health or psychological issues or any other problem which can be a barrier in their normal future can bring enormous stress to parents.

Even after so much of advancement in the medical and psychological sectors there comes a situation where it is though a small problem but is still untreated or the treatment gets too long and painful for the parents and kid to continue or even go for it. There are issues like ADHD (attention deficit hyperactive disorder) or ADD (attention deficit disorder) and many more like asthma, frequent illness, fears, phobias, behavioral issues etc.

Through Serenity Surrender (spiritual healing) we work with children or with one or both the parents the issue can be removed or its effects can be removed from the core.


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