SS for Relationship and Financial issues

In today’s world money has taken so much importance in our lives that at times most of our happiness, though not all depends on money. The other most important factor of life is love. It seems that we need both ‘love’ and ‘money’ to be happy, or in other words we experience the abundance if we have both love and money.

But the so called happiness is more like sand in hand, more you want to keep it the more it slips away.

But if you observe closely there is no shortfall of either money or love in the universe. The fact is that the universe or the Creator has given us the abundance of both of LOVE and MONEY but our beliefs of subconscious  restricts us to experience the bliss of any one of them or both. It is our experience which brings misery to us and not the lack of any.

If only the karma or the beliefs are undone or brought to completion and resolution it changes the situations, experiences of the person involved or suffering with that particular issue therefore experiencing the true bliss of Abundance.

 In Serenity Surrender( spiritual healing) we bring ‘completion’ and ‘understanding’ in our past life situations which create our present and thus making the present and future path a smooth and happy one.


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