As far as we know healing through energy kept happening for the longest of time but they were more of gifts to people and could not be taught therefore reaching out to only a few. These energies remained a mystery to all for a very long time.

But by late 18th century or so these energies started becoming stronger with the help of growing planetary energies and made their presence felt to more people. With the passing of time the energies got stronger and also more accessible. Since then the understanding of this life giving energy has increased many folds, also the planetary energies are changing in such a fashion that now we can connect and channel much  higher energies  and use them in much beyond than healing just the physical  ailments. Now the Understanding is extremely deeper. Therefore now it is possible to heal not only the physical ailments through the process of ‘channeling of life giving energy’ but also the other problems that we as humans face like financial issues,  relationship problems, diseases, chronic diseases,  phobias, depression, fears, addictions , obesity, psychological challenges etc.

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