PLRT for Physical Ailments

We all experience bad health days in our life. The problem arises when a disease becomes a recurrent feature or we suffer an incurable disease or life threatening disease. Also there are the ones which have no explanations in medical science but these are very much there hampering our daily life without getting cured.

Every ailment whether chronic or any other is an unresolved emotion or some kind of guilt stuck from the past which when does not get its way out takes the route of disease for example:-

v Enlargement of liver can be rooted through sever anger.

v Joint pains can be the result of the guilt of not acting in time.

v Leg pains can be the cause of fear in moving forward.

v Diabetes could be the result of the belief that I lack sweetness in my life.

v Heart ailments could be because of blocking yourself from love or inability to love yourself and others.

v Sore throat could be the result of feeling of inability to express some message in words, holding in unpleasant words.

v Pain in the lower back may be is the result of concerns about money, being uncertain of future money inflow.

If only the subconscious is able to understand and resolve these stuck emotions the experiences of the person suffering with that particular problem changes.

In Past Life Regression Therapy we bring ‘completion’, ‘understanding’ and ‘resolution’ in our past life situations which create our present and thus making the present and future path a smooth and happy one.

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