What is Past Life Regression Therapy (PLRT)

Regression is done through hypnosis and is a scientific and proven method of resolving the issues faced by the person. It lets the hypnosis connect with the sub-concious mind of the person to understand the block and to understand and release the trapped energy at those experiences. It deals with the past and lets the person to be free from the burdens which presented itself as the blocks in the clients life.

The issues like Financial blocks, Relationship Blocks, Fears, Phobias , Anxiety, Depression, Diseases , Dreams ,Obesity and many other issues can be resolved through PAST LIFE REGRESSION THERAPY.

The understanding from the past lets us experience the freedom from it and lets us live in complete  acceptance of each present moment in bliss. Regression  therapy through hypnosis is a beautiful tool as it is instrumental in breaking the darkness of past.


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