Serenity Surrender (past Life Healing)

What is Past Life Healing

When we are in a situation and are unable to fully accept or understand it that

What is Serenity Surrender (SS)

Serenity surrender is a way of healing in which we heal the beliefs or Karma car


As far as we know healing through energy kept happening for the longest of time

Who Needs SS

Anybody who wants to break free from the pattern of miseries, rise above the pai

SS for Relationship and Financial issues

In today’s world money has taken so much importance in our lives that at times

SS for Physical Ailment

 Enlargement of liver can be rooted through sever anger.  Joint pains can

SS for Fears and Phobias

Phobias or fears can be explained in length and have various reasons for them to

SS for children

We as parents feel great responsibility of our kids, it is said ‘once a parent

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